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The Ajax Toolbox is a personal project of Matt Kruse, and kind of an extension to my Javascript Toolbox.

I got interested in "Ajax" after I had done some work with remote scripting via IFRAMEs, and then heard the new marketing buzzword "Ajax" being thrown around at work.

It seemed that a lot of my co-workers and colleagues were running around trying to find some "Best Practices" and good libraries to use as a starting point because their pointy-haired bosses heard the buzzword and wanted it now! I found a few things here and there, but nothing that worked quite how mind was imagining it.

So, I decided to write my own.

This site is the result of my own development efforts and information-gathering. There are and will continue to be others like it, some offering similar functionality. Hopefully this site will offer solutions to those whose minds are in sync with mine, and things will click and they'll say "ah yes, that's the interface that I was expecting!"

Since this is my own personal site with no financial backing, it is supported entirely through donations. If you find it helpful, please support this site by donating via Paypal. It is much appreciated.